If you want your father to take care of you, that's 

 If you want your mother to take care of you, that's 

 If you want comrades to take care of you 
 and everything you do is for the state, that's 

 If you think "if it feels good do it," 
 regardless of the consequences or who it might hurt, 
 and are in this thing just for yourself, that's 

 If all you care about are your possessions, 
 what you can accumulate in this life 
 and things are more important than people, that's 

 If you want Uncle Sam to take care of you, 
 depend on the government for everything, 
 don't know the difference between entitlement and benefits, 
 and you think they are totally responsible for your well being, 
 then that's not only stupid, but 

 But, if you take care of yourself, 
 be held responsible for your behavior, 
 hold yourself accountable for your actions, 
 feel a responsibility to be a good and productive citizen, 
 promote the betterment of mankind by loving others more than yourself, 
 trust in the Founding Fathers and their proclaimations and aspirations,
 fear God and believe in freedom of religion not freedom from religion,
 and bring honor to the greatest country on the face of the earth, 
 then that, my friend, is 

USA Flag Waving